$650.00 USD

Do You Think You'll Need Post-Crisis Support?

Add a Follow-Up Call Now with Molly McPherson

The immediate crisis may have passed, but the journey to full recovery is often complex and nuanced. Ensure you're on the right path by adding a follow-up consultation with Molly McPherson to your Quick Fix Rapid Response Blueprint package.

What You'll Get:
- A dedicated one-on-one call with Molly to address any lingering issues or concerns
- A thorough assessment of the residual impact and the effectiveness of your crisis response
- Expert advice on actionable next steps for long-term reputation management
- The peace of mind that comes from knowing you've left no stone unturned in your crisis resolution efforts

Don't miss the opportunity to make your crisis management as comprehensive as possible. Add this crucial follow-up consultation to your package today.


60-Minute | Indestructible PR® Consulting with Molly McPherson

Navigate Your PR Crisis with 60 Minutes of Indestructible PR® On-Demand Consulting

Prompt and professional guidance is crucial in a PR emergency or when facing an unfolding issue. Molly McPherson's 60-minute On-Demand Consulting Sessions are tailored to offer immediate, strategic support, helping you navigate and mitigate crises with confidence.


Why Opt for a Session with Molly?

  • Immediate Expertise: Specializing in rapid crisis intervention, Molly provides focused advice to address your PR challenges without delay.
  • Assured Confidentiality: We prioritize your session's privacy. A Non-Disclosure Agreement guarantees the confidentiality of your discussion.
  • Strategic Continuity: Opt for a specially priced follow-up session, available after two weeks of your initial meeting, to adapt and refine your strategy. If additional support is needed sooner, booking another 60-minute or extending to a 90-minute On-Demand session is straightforward.

Scheduling Your On-Demand Session

  1. Prompt Booking: Molly’s calendar is your gateway to securing the earliest available 60-minute slot, ensuring that expert advice is just a session away during critical moments.
  2. Secure with Immediate Payment: Select your emergency slot and proceed to our secure payment portal to confirm your session. Taking swift action secures Molly's expertise on your side promptly.
  3. Prepare for Effective Resolution: Upon completing your booking, a confirmation email will be sent to you, outlining steps to prepare for your session effectively. This preparation allows Molly to immerse herself in your situation right at the start of your session, ensuring that every moment is spent strategizing a way forward. Included in your session is a 20-minute briefing by Molly to assess your situation comprehensively. Should your situation require additional briefing time, it will be incorporated into your allocated 60 minutes. 

Act Now for PR Resilience

Booking a 60-minute On-Demand Consulting Session with Molly is not merely a response to a crisis—it's a forward-thinking move toward resolution and brand resilience. Molly’s deep dive into crisis communication offers the strategic foresight needed to steer through the storm.

Ready to Address Your PR Crisis? Click [here] to schedule your On-Demand consultation and begin crafting a robust response to your PR challenges.

Take the step towards turning your PR predicament around with Molly McPherson—where immediate support meets strategic crisis management.