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Proactive PR Strategy Sessions & Quick Fix Plans: Safeguard Your Brand, Business, or Personal Reputation


Don't just react—be proactive. Our PR Strategy Sessions and Crisis Communication plans offer a comprehensive approach to crisis management, from preemptive measures to rapid response in the digital age, safeguarding your brand, business, or personal reputation at every turn.

PR Consulting Packages

With Molly's hourly consulting sessions, you're not just getting advice; you're gaining a partner in managing your online reputation, equipped with the expertise and insights to turn a crisis into a controlled and strategic narrative.

This 90-minute rapid response session allows you to schedule on-demand for $750.

Ideal for urgent public relations issues requiring the expertise of a crisis communication specialist, this session provides the necessary time for assessment and response suggestions. You can securely upload background information to our online portal for Molly to review before the session. 


Package Inclusions:

  • Get peace of mind by meeting with Molly in a 90-minute session via Zoom to discuss your situation.
  • An immediate threat assessment of the crisis to determine the next steps.
  • Guidance for rapid response to work your way through the crisis. 

This 60-minute focused session, priced at $675, addresses a pressing public relations concern that demands the insight of a crisis communication expert. You can securely upload any relevant background information to our online portal, which Molly will review before your meeting. This option is recommended to determine if your situation requires a public response.



Package Inclusions:

  • A 60-minute consultation with Molly via Zoom or phone to explore your specific circumstances.

  • An assessment of the immediate threats posed by your crisis.

  • Advice on effective rapid response strategies.

This discounted bundle option includes three 60-minute sessions, ideal for anyone experiencing an emerging crisis or who needs consulting for communication issues that will likely require multiple sessions to address.

These sessions, priced at $1820, give you a crisis communication expert who can walk you through the crisis in real-time. It's like having Molly work on a project with your team.


Package Inclusions:

  • Three 60-minute Zoom sessions.
  • Up to 10 minutes of email correspondence before each session.

  • A step-by-step guide for managing your issue.


Why Hourly?

  • Immediate action steps for rapid crisis mitigation.
  • Expert guidance from Molly McPherson, a seasoned crisis communication strategist.
  • Short-term strategies for long-term reputation management.
  • Full privacy and signed non-disclosure for your peace of mind.

Threat Analysis:

Why Are You Under Attack? And By Whom?

The first step in our playbook is a comprehensive Threat Analysis. This phase not only equips you with a clear understanding of why you're under attack but also identifies who is targeting you. By conducting a rapid SWOT analysis and stakeholder mapping, we pinpoint vulnerabilities, opportunities, and key players. This multi-faceted approach provides a nuanced view of the crisis landscape, enabling you to prepare a more targeted and effective response.


Write Your Response

The second component focuses on Messaging. Do you need to apologize or correct the record? The playbook will guide you to the right response, in the right place, at the right time. We distill your communication into a single, impactful statement, a key message, and three talking points. Whether it's a statement on Instagram, a message in your Facebook Group with comments on or off, or deciding between a story or a grid post, we've got you covered.

Digital Engagement Strategy:

Determining the Optimal Platform for Your Statement

Going viral for the wrong reason can make you feel overwhelmed, unable to focus on anything else but resolving the issue. When the public sentiment turns against you, Molly provides assurance and guidance to help you navigate through it. This final component of the playbook offers a multi-tiered Digital Engagement Strategy, advising you on the most effective platforms to post your statement for immediate rapid-response and long-term reputation rebuilding.

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