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Personalized One-on-One Consulting with Molly McPherson 

Facing a social media backlash or a PR disaster? Get immediate, actionable advice from a seasoned crisis communication strategist. Whether you need a rapid response or ongoing support, Molly McPherson provides the expert guidance you need to navigate your challenges and protect your reputation.

Expert Guidance:

Leverage Molly McPherson’s extensive crisis communication expertise. Each session is tailored to your unique situation, offering actionable, strategic advice to tackle your current challenges. Molly's personalized approach ensures you get the most relevant and effective guidance to navigate your crisis confidently.

Immediate, Actionable Steps 

In a crisis, prompt action is vital. Molly’s sessions provide clear, practical recommendations you can implement right away. Whether refining your social media response, crafting a media statement, or developing a crisis management plan, you'll leave with a concrete action plan to address your most pressing issues.

Confidential and Unbiased Support:

Crisis management can be overwhelming, but with Molly, you have a trusted advisor. She offers a confidential and unbiased perspective, serving as a sounding board for your ideas and concerns. Her objective insights and professional assessments help you make informed, strategic decisions.

One-on-One Consulting with Molly McPherson

Transform Your Crisis into Control

When facing a public relations crisis, having immediate access to expert guidance can make all the difference. Molly McPherson, a seasoned crisis communication strategist, offers one-on-one consulting sessions designed to provide you with focused, actionable advice tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re dealing with a social media backlash, reputational damage, or a complex PR issue, Molly’s strategic insights will help you navigate through the storm and emerge stronger.

Overview: In the midst of a crisis, timing is everything. The 90-minute Rapid Response Consulting session is designed to provide immediate, actionable guidance to help you manage and mitigate the impact of a social media or PR crisis. Book this session within the same week for timely support.

Ideal For: Those needing urgent, actionable guidance to manage social media or PR crises. Perfect for addressing viral situations and stopping reputation damage.

Overview: Get targeted, expert advice with a 60-minute Focused Consulting session. Perfect for addressing specific issues quickly and effectively, this session ensures you receive the support you need to manage your challenge. Sessions can be booked starting a week from now.

Ideal For: Quick strategic advice for less-urgent issues. Receive an unbiased perspective to an unresolved or emerging PR problem.

Overview: For ongoing support and more comprehensive crisis management, the three 60-minute session bundle offers extended guidance and continuous evaluation. This package provides the flexibility to address your issues over a longer period.

 Ideal For: Extended strategic advice, ongoing crisis management, continuous improvement, and confidential support.

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Don’t let a crisis define your brand. Book a session with Molly McPherson and transform your challenges into opportunities for growth and resilience. Get the expert guidance you need to navigate through your crisis effectively.

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