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Molly McPherson: Your Crisis Communication Expert for the Social Media Age

Navigating Public Opinion with Strategic Expertise

A seasoned crisis communication strategist, content creator, commentator, and speaker who specializes in managing and mitigating social media crises. 

With a hands-on approach and deep understanding of public opinion dynamics, Molly's services are designed to help people and brands navigate the complex landscape of social media backlash  with confidence and control.


The "PR Lady"

With over two decades of experience in public relations, emergency management, and the media industry, Molly’s innovative approach to online PR crisis management has become synonymous with success. Affectionately dubbed the “PR Lady” by her enthusiastic followers on TikTok, she shares invaluable leadership lessons from breaking news stories, all based on her unique Indestructible PR® response framework.


How Molly Can Help

Are You in Crisis or at Risk of Being Canceled?

Facing a crisis or worried about being canceled? Immediate, expert guidance is crucial. Molly McPherson offers hourly consulting sessions to help you navigate social media backlash, PR disasters, and other high-stakes situations. With tailored strategies and actionable advice, Molly will help you protect your reputation and emerge stronger. Book your session now to take control of your crisis.


Keynote Speaking

Book Molly to speak at you your next event and gain invaluable insights from a leading expert in crisis communication and public relations. With her extensive experience and dynamic presentation style, Molly provides actionable strategies and engaging content that will empower your audience to handle crises and build indestructible reputations.


Suffering from Social Media Fallout?

Got you covered! Introducing the Indestructible PR® Crisis Playbook: your blueprint for mastering crisis management in the age of social media. When you go viral for the wrong reason, the 60-minute video and workbook are your tools to quickly turn your social media crisis into an opportunity. 


Download the Indestructible PR® Framework

Your Essential Guide for Crafting Effective Media Statements and Social Media Responses

You'll receive a step-by-step worksheet that provides the essential structure you need to build your own media statement or social media response. This framework, used by Molly McPherson herself, offers clear guidance and practical tips to help you craft your message with confidence. While not comprehensive, it equips you with the fundamental tools to strategically address your communication challenges effectively.

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The Indestructible PR® Podcast

with Molly McPherson

A podcast that mixes current events with tested PR strategies.

With five seasons worth of shows, this podcast teaches communicators how to manage crises and build an indestructible reputation.

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Molly McPherson on YouTube

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Media Mix

Molly McPherson has been featured on numerous programs as a commentator, sharing her expertise in crisis communication and public relations. As seen on: